Finding Love that Never Ends

I have never met anyone who said they need no┬ámore love in their life. That’s almost like saying that since you are full, you never need to eat again. Love is never ending, so we can never have too much of it. The more we have, the more we can give to others. But, just how do we give it away? First, we need to understand what love truly is.

There are many ways that love is communicated to us. It could be through someone’s thoughtfulness or through words. When we are treated with respect and kindness, we recognize love. We can also show love through selflessness, generosity, and faithfulness. There are so many different attributes associated with love. We know that love flows deeper than our feelings and is reflected in more than just simple words. We humans both love and want to receive love.

Generally, we are attracted to people who possess qualities of love. We are not drawn to people who simply have common interests, a great personality, or beautiful appearance. Instead, we seek out our accepting, warm, and can communicate in love. Our hearts long to have relationships with people that is deeper than the surface and has a foundation of love.

People who are loving drawl other people to them. No better example than my friend’s sister at gutter repair Roswell, she is magnetic in this way. We enjoy being around people that make us feel important and valued. Those who are thoughtful towards us are the ones we enjoy being around. We want someone that is honest with us, can be trusted, and cares about her feelings. We long to have people in our life that appreciate us, are happy when we succeed, go out of their way to help us, who understand us, those who listen to our problems, and those who truly make us feel loved.

As I pointed out before, love is never ending. Until you give it away, love isn’t even love. When we have love in our lives that is evident, we are more likely to give love a. Each of us needs to grow more in love so that we can give it a more fully in our relationships and our lives. We all need to continue giving love away, knowing that it will never run dry.