How to “Get” Love

It seems these days, that everyone uses the word love daily. There are so many songs and movies about love, but do we truly know what love is? Let’s look at some definitions of love and the Greek:

Eros love: this is the romantic kind of love that includes intimacy, intensity, physical longing, and passion. This is typically what attracts couples. It attracts us to things we find desirable.

Philios love: this love is more about companionship and sharing in value. This is more about brotherly love and friendship. This type of love is less self-seeking and more comprehensive than eros love.

Storge love: this is the kind of love you find in a family between the parent and child or two other people who are close. It is an instinctive kind of love. I would categorize my friend at pressure washing Duluth as this one in particular, the way him and his mom are close.

Agape love: this kind of love is the most mysterious, comprehensive, and purest type of love. It is a love that is unconditional. This is the kind of love that we find in God. Altruism is a trait of agape love because it gives without requesting anything in return.

The Bible tells us a lot of things about love, about how it is patient and kind. That kind of love is a love that will never fail us. We can put our hopes and dreams and agape love, knowing that God will not disappoint.

With this in mind, there are some ways that we can bring love into our lives. When we give love, we get love. We receive that which we give. If you want love in your life, that’s exactly what you need to give. Try given it with a family member or friend, real, pure agape love. In fact, give someone a call just to tell them you love them. This is a great first step in understanding real agape love.

Remember that love is patient and kind. Think about what patients would do for your life. Your home may be more peaceful if everyone were to have more patience with each other. And kindness has a direct connection to patients. As patients helps us deal with insults and injuries, kindness uses kind actions and good deeds to pay back those who inflict the injuries and insults.

So, to put it simply, if we want to get love in our lives, we must give it first. Give it a try. You may be surprised.