Keeping Romantic Love Alive

Humans tend to get the many stages in relationships when it comes to love. The first phase, romantic love, is the shortest phase. They can also be what many consider the most fun phase of a relationship. That feeling of romantic love doesn’t last very long, though. In fact, once the romantic love phase is over, more bickering may enter the relationship because of the next phase, mature understanding. Many people wonder why they even need to move past that romantic phase. What a be nice if that phase could last forever? Is that even possible? Let us consider this question.

In the romantic phase, there is a lot of passion between the couple. All they really want is to spend time with one another. Their desire is to make the other one happy, which is the case for my buddy over at gutter cleaning Alpharetta at the moment in the honeymoon phase! The objective of most people within this phase is to enjoy the bliss of romance, send love notes to one another, and do those little things that makes the other person smile. After a while, the romantic phase starts to dwindle because of life problems, expectations, relationship misunderstandings, ego, or some other reason. But, can’t this romantic phase last forever? Most people would answer that it is not possible, but I have found that there are exceptions to this rule. So, why not make your relationship more like one of the exceptions? Let’s think about how that can be.

When the romantic phase first begins, you should discuss romance with your partner. Talk about how romantic love typically dies out quickly. Perhaps try creating a pact that states your desire for the romantic phase to continue, regardless of expectations, misunderstandings, or anything else that may try to get in the way. Daily read your pact and make it your life goal. If anything gets in the way of that romantic love, go back over the pact together and do whatever is necessary to get your relationship back on track. This is probably the best way to keep your romantic love alive. If you can make this pact truly work, then it may be possible for you to stay in the romantic love phase forever. Wouldn’t that be nice?