What is True Love?

Love is a word that is used in many situations. The original definition of love is showing someone or something extreme affection. However, in our society, this is not how the word is often used.

It seems these days that people use the word love is any other word. As if there is no real meaning behind it. When someone says “I love you,” it doesn’t carry the same weight that it once did. Its significance has been lost in our society.

I often hear the younger generation, mostly teenagers, tell one another they love them as a simple part of conversation, as if it were an everyday transaction. Love is something special, though, not something to offer someone you’ve only known a short amount of time.

Love is something that develops over time. Of course, we all hear about the stories of love at first sight, but this occurs very rarely. To be able to tell someone you truly love them the moment you see them is extreme. Then, when that time comes that you’re ready to marry, you can call Wedding photography Atlanta to take care of your wedding photography needs.

True love is when you would sacrifice anything to be able to spend time with another person. It is when you’re willing to sacrifice your own life to save the one that you love. It’s when you have a hard time spending a single moment without the other person. Love is when you think about the other person as soon as you wake up in the morning and right before you go to sleep at night. Love is something that can never be duplicated.

Without that deep, special feeling that can seems you at the site of the other person, you cannot truly claim you love them. True romantic love will take all your fears a and make you feel like you’re floating off the ground.

The word love should be saved for that special someone you will want to spend the rest of your life with, not thrown around as an everyday word, making it lose its true meaning. Instead, save the word love for the person that is right for you. Help keep the meaning of love what it should be, something that would give up everything.